Empire Glassworks – Under the Sea

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Empire Glasswork’s water pipes are a testament to their lampwork mastery. Themed after the precious, vibrant ecosystems that make our earth unique, each one perfectly depicts and emphasizes the conservation of a specific at-risk habitat or endangered species.  The Under The Sea Beaker by Empire Glassworks takes you deep down under where ocean critters frolic and live in unity.


Under the Sea theme

Water Pipe

Beaker style

14.5 inches in height

Base diameter is 5 inches

Matching bowl w/ Under the Sea design

Includes custom CFL downstem & 14 mm male; Under the Sea bowl piece

Ice catcher

Intricate lampwork

Detailed figurines

Color changing CFL Lip & CFL ice pinch

Borosilicate glass

Hand-blown American glass

Made in USA


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