Glossary of Terms

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just want to brush up on terminology (we definitely suggest it if the last time you smoked was when Jerry Garcia was still alive), there are many terms in this industry that may need explaining for non-users. Throughout our site, we use these words often so don't be afraid of them! They'll all make sense soon enough and with a little context, they can even become fun facts about your favorite products like "even though most joints contain around five ingredients," which makes their importance clear - after reading through the entire glossary today I bet yours will too 🙂


The glass pipe is a unique product with a design that brings the joint further away from your rig for optimal safety. It also limits heat stress and prevents fractures.


A 90° joint is used in the industry to give water pipes or concentrate pipes a clean and precise look. It creates an angle from where they meet at their chamber, down to their base.

10mm Joint

This water pipe or dab rig features a 10mm joint that can be used with any 10mm dome bowl, nail, and other accessories. The durable glass gives you an easy way to enjoy your favorite flavor!

14mm Joint

A 14mm joint dab rig or water pipe is perfect for anyone looking to get a quick hit. It features an attractive design with great functionality, as well! It requires a 14mm dome bowl or nail for use.

18mm Joint

The 18mm joint dab rig is perfect for all of your water pipe needs. It has an easy-to-use design that does not require any special tools or skills to install, making it a great option if you're looking for something simple yet sturdy enough to handle even the most powerful concentrates in this world! You'll need an 18mm nail dome or bowl for use.

Adjustable Temperature

The temperature of this vape can be adjusted to tailor the user’s vaping session to their specific preference. Taking into consideration that some people like it hot and others prefer a cool, crisp hit – there are usually three settings: “Cool," "Warm" or even something Between The two for those who want just enough warmth without being too scorching!!

American Glass

When it comes to quality, you can trust the hand-blown glass from America. American Glass pieces are made with American resources and have guaranteed longevity of 10 years!
A reputation as good or better than other countries' would not do any justice for this product's durability.

Analog Vaporizer

This vaporizer has an analog interface for a user-friendly vaping experience. Users can adjust their desired temperature by turning the dial or pressing on it with their finger, which is often found in most other types of vapes as well!

Angle Cut Dome

Domes are a classic style of art. The angle-cut dome is one that features an angled design rather than the standard circular shape, and these creations typically come from handblown opacities that give them their distinctive appearance to stand out in any setting!


This means the pipe has an indented mouthpiece that catches ash from entering your mouth, which is great if you're looking to avoid getting any on yourself. These attachments help to prevent the accumulation of resin at the bottom of the piece in question. This provides an additional level of filtration which leads to a cleaner, smoother smoke!

Balloon Bag Vaporizer

The balloon bag is a newly designed vaporizer that delivers its heated airflow directly into an attached plastic bag. The user can detach and inhale the contents of this unit, much like how one might breathe in smoke without any additional equipment needed!

Barrel Perc

Barrel percolators are an efficient and creative way to create your own smoking experience. The barrel-shaped design provides consistent filtration of smoke, no matter where in the chamber you put it!
The slits on this type of portable vaporizer have been specifically designed for maximum efficiency when delivering optimum flavor with every pull from its mouthpiece while staying healthy too thanks to their shape; they'll help keep harmful toxins out.


The beaker base chamber of this glass pipe is a perfect place to pack your herbs. The wide circular main chamber will allow you enough smoke with little effort, and the diameter makes it easy for even beginners who don't want their hands cramped up by smaller bowls like those found on joint or blunt papers!

Bent Neck

Aesthetically bent necks give a unique look to your glass water pipe, while also acting as splash guards for when you smoke. They extend the mouthpiece away from heat source horizontally giving more comfort and an enjoyable experience.


Bowls are the most important part of a pipe because it's where you pack herb. Bowl shapes can come in all different sizes and styles depending on what kind of smoker that you want to be! Some bowls use multiple holes or screens built into them while others have just one large opening at the bottom so that airflow is optimal during inhalation time
A bowl holds tobacco for smoking prior to being lit by fire from smoldering embers found deep within its interior walls; these smokers typically aren't as interested in flavor compared with those who prefer herb containing both flowers (which provide strong odors) alongside leaves/buds created exclusively out herbs

Branded Glass

There are many different types of glass pipes, and each one has its own unique design. One type that stands out is branded glass because it features logos or decals to verify this product as an official brand from a specific company. However, all types need not have visual emblems on them in order for them still be considered "brands."


A hand pipe that can hold water. Bubblers feature an upward-sweeping tube called the downstem which is usually fixed onto the pipes and filters your smoke through water before inhalation for added filtration.

Can Chamber

A can-shaped chamber is a perfect shape for a dab rig. The cylindrical design makes it easy to hold and conceal while retaining heat retention properties that are essential in inhaling concentrates which turn into an oil when heated up by either flame or electrical current before being vaped with water droplets!


A small hole found on glass hand pipes and some acrylic ones. The carb is covered by the thumb or finger while inhaling to build smoke inside, releasing it allows for easy inhalation-- this technique is called a power hitter!


A small straight tube that contains no carb and is perfect for packing with your favorite herbs or concentrates!  See also One-Hitter.

Circ Perc

The percolator is a circular wire mesh that usually contains many rings with gaps in between. The holes and slits of this design provide intense filtration for your marijuana smoke within the unit itself so it can be enjoyed without having any worries about how harsh other pipes may seem when used before!
A Circular Perc (CP) provides superior smoking experience due to its unique filtering properties which allow you enjoy deep hits from one mouthpiece at once while removing most inhaled toxins through these small areas all throughout each hit process.

Clear Glass

The clear glass piece allows your eyes to focus on the bubbles as they stack up and watch your smoke/vapor percolate.  The sleek, clean looks of this rig or water pipe make it perfect for any collector who wants an eye-catching piece in their collection!

Colored Glass

A unique and aesthetically appealing appearance is one of the many features that can make this piece stand out in your glass collection. The beautiful colored glasses give it a special look, which will be sure to catch someone's eye!

Concentrate Recycler

The multiple chamber recycler design of this water pipe causes your vapor/smoke and concentrates to loop in between the chambers before leaving through an opening at the mouthpiece. This process provides a more potent hit because each pass-through filters out impurities that would otherwise be present when using just one filter on its own. This way,  you get less exposure to chemicals like pesticides which can have adverse effects on health.

Condenser Coil

A special removable part on hand pipes, the condenser coil is often made from glass which means they’re easy to clean once cooled off after use - no more ashtrays floating around at home.  Some condensers use a freezable glycerin chamber that is placed inside a water pipe. This cools down smoke by removing the heat.

Cross Perc

The cross percolator has an intricate design with a center that is made up of circle pieces branching out from it. Each individual piece features slits in the form that would be like if you were looking at crosshairs for targeting your smoking needs! The smoke coming off this device will feel smoother and less harsh.

Crystal Ball Perc

Crystal ball percs are like the symbol for good fortune. The slits in them form a crystal clear sphere, and they're perfect when you want to do something that's going smoothly!
A circular perc with angled sides can be used as an entrance or an exit; this shape also helps funnel smoke into its center which will give off thick clouds of smoke without being too harsh on the lungs.

Deep Bowl

This water pipe is the perfect choice for those looking to pack on some much-needed weight. The deep bowl allows you can pack a large amount of dry herb or tobacco at one time without having any trouble vaping them all before they’re gone!

Desktop Vaporizer

These vaporizers are great devices for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits without using smoke. It's easy and safe, making it perfect if you don't want any other people around or inside your home during use- so long as there isn't some kind of fire hazard going on!

Dewar's Joint

The dewar’s joint is a small glass tube that connects the chamber to its containing pot. It does two things: reinforces strength and provides support for any broken pipe in case there is an accident or if you drop it. 
The ingenuity behind a Dewar's Joint can be seen through both design aspects as well as function when considering how much they helped create peace of mind while still being able use it freely.

Dichroic Glass

These beautiful glass pieces are a stunning example of a colorful and sparkling dichroic. The sparkles are accentuated in certain lighting conditions, making them stand out from their surroundings even more!

Diffused Downstem

This Percolator design is one of the most simple and effective methods out there for cooling smoke coming off your pipe, which should be cooled any way that you can. The glass straight tube has slits or holes at its base underwater so when lit it'll send this hot ash through those little channels into a pool below and cool down as it travels up towards our lungs!

Digital Vaporizer

This vaporizer has a digital interface for easier reading of temperature battery or other settings. Digital devices are more advanced and can display all sorts of information with ease, such as how much time is left before the session ends!

Direct Draw Vaporizer

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes but they do have one thing in common. In a Direct Draw, vapor flows from the device to you with ease, providing an excellent experience for those who want their medication without having any burnt tongues or throats.

Direct Inject

A direct-inject design does not pass vapor through a filter like other designs, which means you get the smoothest hit possible.

Disc Perc

Disc percs are a type of pipe that has slits or holes on the outside for filtration and diffusion. These pipes may look like discs, rings with an inner tube inside them; they've been around since at least 1892 when it became popularized in India by British soldiers after seeing their countrymen using this style while smoking Indian cigarettes during colonial times. The term "disc" comes from its resemblance to this particular shape - think mini car tire!

Dome Perc

Dome percolators are called domes because they have an hourglass shape, with slits and holes where the dome touches down at bottom. Diffusion happens when smoke passes through these slits or tiny channels in order for it to be separated into individual hits of vapor while going up from your bowl-hold pipe's screen.
The science behind how a diffusion channel performs its job is actually quite complex but not nearly as difficult as many people think; one key point being that there needs to exist a separation between heated airflows so hot gas doesn’t come back down toward you!

Dome Splashguard

The dome splashguard is placed on a straight neck. It's a great way to prevent water from splashing up in your mouth no matter how hard you pull. 

Donut Perc

The percolator is a circular device that has one hole in the middle of it. This allows smoke to pass through and get filtered but also stops water from splashing up towards your mouthpiece when you're smoking tobacco or herbs out of an open bowl pipe-setter.
The reason these pipes can't work properly without this type of filter? That would be "donut" shaped! So now that's why we call them donuts (and because they look like sweet yeast doughnuts).

Donut Splashguard

A donut splash guard is a circular piece of glass with an open center that helps to keep water from flowing into your vaporizer while still allowing all the air inside it to flow upwards through its neck. The design features one hole in order for you to enjoy pure, crisp hits straight outta this world!

Dry Herb Recycler

The revolutionary design of this water pipe means that you'll never have to worry about getting the same hit twice. It features a recycler perc, which causes your vapor/smoke and water droplets (from dry herbs) to loop back-and-forth between 2 chambers before being inhaled into your lungs! This process allows for optimally filtered hits with no residue left behind anatomically scattered all over like some other designs do so make sure not only are they safe but also delicious too.

Dual Use Recycler

The recycler features a multiple chamber design that causes your vapor/smoke and water to loop in between the chambers before leaving through an elegant glass mouthpiece. This process allows for optimal filtration, diffusion of concentrates like waxes or oils with no harshness present at all!


Portable boxes are a great way to store your herbs and tobacco for on-the-go smokes. They can typically hold up one pack of cigarettes, so you won't need as much space in the purse or bag!

Fab Egg

The design of this piece is a fabulous and practical egg-shaped smoking chamber with an open center for your herbs. The holes in the central cavity provide excellent diffusion while protecting them from burning too quickly due to its concave shape that allows smoke to slowly wreath outwards before disappearing inside again!
The great thing about Swiss Perc joints? They're easy on both you (in terms of technique) AND material - they require much less cleaning than other styles because there are so few parts involved: just three components make up their assembly line--the filter stem/base ring; disk percolator bowl component; plus one special tool called "the key."

Female Joint

This glass pipe features a female joint that requires the use of male dome nails or bowls for proper function.
It's important to note, unlike some other pipes where you need an adaptor before using them with this one (and there are many!), all you'll need is something long and thin in order get started!

Fixed Downstem

The downstem is the part of a rig that funnels smoke from your bowl into another container, usually water. It helps with filtration and cooling because it cools as you inhale. This specific type has slits or holes on its surface so when liquid passes through these tiny channels cool air flows up along its length while heated gases stay near its bottom end where it's less likely to travel any further than necessary.

Fixed Temperature

The temperature for this vaporizer is pre- programmed to ensure you get the best possible experience.

Flared Mouthpiece

The flamed mouthpiece has a raised ridge around the edge that perfectly fits your lips and creates an airtight seal, making smoking more comfortable.

Fumed or Fuming

Gold and silver fume pipes are the most legendary of all glassblowing techniques. The different colors they produce change depending on what surfaces you put them near or how hot it gets before their color fades away to reveal a beautiful pattern in shades from yellowish golds, light pinks (for silver) through white snowflakes that leave your mouth agape as its beauty takes over every sense - sight included!

Glass On Glass | GOG

"GoG" is an acronym for "glass on glass." This refers to any pipe that uses two ground joints of clear glass. It's much more sophisticated than just relying solely upon a rubber o-ring like all those other pipes out there. 

Glass Opals

These pipes are perfect for anyone who loves the casual and stylish appearance they provide. The handblown glass creates a beautiful natural colored design on each piece, while also being sharp enough to cut through any smoke with ease!

Glow In The Dark

Glow In The Dark pieces of glass are more than just beautiful; they also glow in the dark. Without a single light turned on, you can watch as your reflection begins to take form and glow with an amazing visual effect!

Heady Glass

The Heady glass water pipe is a limited edition collector's item, with an intricate and unique design that mixes exquisite formality. These pieces are truly functioning art.

Hourglass Rig

This water pipe or vapor rig features an hourglass chamber that has indents on each side due to its distinctive shape. The beautiful design adds extra flair and can be used as a focal point in any room!

Honeycomb Perc

The honeycomb percolator is a type of disc percolator that has more diffusion because it usually contains at least 30 small holes through which the smoke must pass. The purpose for these particular patterns is to allow for even distribution and maximum clarity when smoking due in part by way of limiting drag from larger or smaller gaps within the design, respectively
Featuring such intricacies as airflow channels created specifically with your lungs' health best interest in mind - you'll never want another kind after trying out this fantastic new wonderment!

Ice Catcher

A water pipe with an ice-catching tray will make for a smoother hit. The smoke flows through the frozen cubes and gets cooled before you inhale, resulting in less coughing from cold air inhalation!

Inline Perc

Inline percolators are straight tubes consisting of slits or grids leading inside a perpendicular chamber. This design allows hot liquid to be channeled through the narrow channels before being forced outwards and upwards by pressure, creating an ethereal vapor that can last up until 10 minutes depending on how strong you make it!
The beauty about this type is their simplicity which means they're easy enough for beginners but still offer a great experience when shared among experienced smokers alike.

Inset Perc

Inset percolators are the newest craze in water pipes and one that you're sure to enjoy. These enclosed chambers have slits around their circumference, which allows them to absorb excess smoke while diffusing your hits with great flavor! In addition, they create a pocket where there would otherwise be none - so no more getting burned from hot ash falling onto our tongue due to an inefficient pipe design; we can finally take full advantage of these stunning smoking sessions at any time or place without worrying about anything except enjoying ourselves.

J Hook Perc

The J-Hook percolator is a type of more advanced water pipe that has an upside-down "J" for connecting it to another type or style. This connection changes how you smoke with filters, giving extreme combinations not found anywhere else!

Male Joint

The glass pipe is a male joint, which needs to be used with either the female dome nail or bowl in order for it to work properly.

Maria Rings

Maria rings are usually circular, protruding glass pieces that adorn the neck or below a waterpipe's mouthpiece. They have become increasingly popular in recent years for their gorgeous designs and practicality as they don't get in your way when you're taking hits from them.

Matrix Perc

Matrix percolators are a type of smoking device that has vertical and horizontal slits, or grooves surrounding it. These create the perfect space for ash to accumulate without blocking your air flow as you inhale.

Micro Rigs

This water pipe bubbler or concentrate rig is a small and portable size that gives it an elegant, discreet appearance. Not only does this make the device easily transportable but also allows you to take it with you wherever life takes you!


Small chips of colored glass are used to make special designs in a variety of different types of pipes.

Mini Rigs

The small and portable size of this water pipe bubbler or concentrate rig makes it easy to transport, while the discreet appearance gives you that "in-the-know" feeling.

Nano Rig

The discreet and portable size of this water pipe bubbler or concentrate rig makes it easy to take anywhere.


Also called a “bat,” this is an innovative cigarette-sized pipe that can either be smoked in your hand or put into some kind of dugout for quick and discreet smoking. One-Hitters come in three different sizes - small (for instance glass), medium (quartz), or large ones which are made from metal unlike other materials used today like plastic which will not heat up as much but often gives off toxic fumes when burning. 
The tradition began during World War II because soldiers who carried around heavy packs didn't always have time to go through them before the battle started so they would take out their One-Hitter instead.

Pendant Pipe

For the person who wants to stand out, pendants are an awesome way of doing so. They come in all shapes and sizes with some even functioning as a glass pipe! What's more interesting though? That you can wear your own personal piece around your neck for unique style points without having any trouble taking it off when someone asks where did I get this from - or if we need another reason why everyone should invest into one: convenience-wise alone makes them worth every penny spent.

Percolator or Perc

A percolator is an additional filtration mechanism in water pipes that allows for smoother, cleaner hits. The most common types are the inline showerhead shape with a number of holes on top, barrel-like structure made up from several tubes coming out at various angles to form its base (tree design), long cylinder sliver where each end has been slit-like opening flower petals wide enough so smoke can go through but not too much air gets trapped inside due another larger notch cut into one side while other remains flat during use--this type's also known as cascade pipe.

Polished Joint

Polished joints are a type of glass that can be used for water pipes. The clear, glossy surface makes them look more elegant than standard frosted pieces and they give the illusion your smoking session has come to an end with just one hit on this sleek-looking piece!

Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are designed to be carried around and used on the go. They're smaller, and lighter than desktop models so they won't weigh you down during your adventures!

Puck Chamber

The puck rig is a marvel of engineering, with its flat circular chamber that provides stability and makes sure the dab rig always has something to stand on.

Purple Slime Glass

Purple slyme glass is not only beautiful, but it has a special meaning. Made from 100% natural ingredients and containing iron that can be transmuted into magnetic energy for use in healing techniques such as Reiki or acupuncture. 
The color of this unique type makes people want to smoke out their favorite piece - after all, there's power behind these pretty vessels! The deep reds are enchanting while blue brings peace within oneself due to its soothing nature.

Ratchet Perc

Ratchet percolators offer a unique smoking experience because the holes on these discs line up in an orderly fashion to increase filtration and diffusion while simultaneously decreasing air turbulence.
A special type of water pipe known as “ratcheting” is utilized by many for its smoother smoke, higher quality hits, or both.

Reclaim Catcher

The reclaim catcher, like the joint it connects to and flows from, is designed for collecting leftover concentrates. The dish at its bottom acts as a catchall that will hold your excess dry herbs or any other material not used in making new hits during operation of vaporization methods such as dabbing with torches rather than using water pipes which can get dirty too quickly when constantly being heated up due to lack static electricity build-up between use.

Removable Downstem

A downstem is a glass tube that attaches to your rig, and it allows smoke to travel through the joint. Removable Down Stems provide many benefits because their slits or holes filter out impurities while also being removable for easier cleaning. A traditional style of removable downstems was a bamboo pipe with an attached bowl-like shape that has been used since ancient times as one form among others in Celtic cultures - often clay pipes with small holes near its base were utilized when burning herb during festivals.

Removable Mouthpiece

A removable mouthpiece offers an easy way to customize your vaping experience and allows for easier cleaning than using the same piece on every single device.

Reti Perc

A reti percolator is a simple and effective smoking device made up of two cylinders. One cylinder, the smaller one in comparison to its size will have slits on both sides allowing smoke flow through - this process aids diffusion which makes for better tasting tobacco because it evaporates more slowly than regular light bulb heat!

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass is a type of decorative frosted or patterned window that instantly puts your favorite pieces on display. Sand-blasting involves working with enamel to create raised designs on the surface, giving you an opportunity not only for color but also design inspiration!

Scientific Glass

Borosilicate glass is a type of clear, lab-grade water pipe that features an overall shape reminiscent of scientific equipment. The buttons on these pipes are made from borosilicate materials and they often come in different colors with minor accenting around the edge like light sources or fuming tanks--a design element usually reserved for users who want their smoking experience to have an extra sense of flair.


A pipe named for its appearance to that of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series. A bowl that drops down and sits lower than the mouthpiece may be considered a “Sherlock” if it is made like this, according to legend!

Showerhead Perc

Showerhead percolators are a type of design that is popular for their increased filtration and diffusion. These showerheads have thin vertical tubes with slits or holes in them, which allow water to flow more easily as it travels through the device's interior chamber where dirt accumulates during use.


This piece has a sidecar design, which means it's got an integral neck that branches off the chamber and leads into your mouthpiece. Sidecars help eliminate splashback by ensuring all of the water stays inside the pipe where you want it- not on top or anywhere else in sight!

Slyme Glass

The colors of Slyme glass are so vibrant that each one has its own personality. There's the green-hued purple, orangey tones in between and even blueish tints to give smoke an extra special touch!
Customers can't get enough of these unique shades; they're constantly on our shelves at all times waiting for someone who will appreciate them as much we do.


With a snorkel design, concentrates vaporize on the nail and are sucked up into an overhead tube before flowing through to your dab rig. This is made possible due in part to its unique oil-rig feature that does not require any dome pieces because there's no need!

Sprinkler Perc

The sprinkler perc is a circular device with multiple branching tubes. Unlike the tree-like design, smoke goes through all arms and emerges from its body at one point to be inhaled by users who are sitting around it. The separation in between these branches provides filtration as well diffusion for optimal pulls.

Stemline Perc

Stemline percolators are a type of inline percolator that branches straight off the joint, and they're different because not only do you get extra hits from each branch but it also means there's less waste.

Stereo Matrix Perc

Think of it like a snow cone. The two percolators are stacked on top of each other and they both create that delicious aroma when smoke enters, but only one releases bubbles at any given time!

Straight Neck

Straight neck designs are perfect for those who want to experience the purest form of smoking. They allow smoke or vapor to just flow up directly into their mouth from its chamber, without any bends in between!
Because this type of head doesn't have anything separating its chambers and throat, it produces very little drag so you can enjoy every moment with no distractions.

Straight Tube

There are a few different styles of water pipes, but the Straight Tube style has been gaining popularity because it's straightforward and sleek. The smoke travels seamlessly from one end to another without having any disconnects or unnecessary parts in between unlike other designs where you need fill before taking puffs on that mouthpiece which can get old after doing so many times.

Swiss Perc

Swiss percolators are a vertical diffusion system with holes on the large disc. The name "swiss cheese" is derived from their resemblance to this snack food.

Themed Glass

This vapor rig or water pipe contains a themed glass design. Carrying themed pieces is one way we cater to the varying interests of our consumer base, and those who love taking their time in choosing what they want for when it comes down to buying from us here at Grodecks!

Thick Glass

The thick glass in this pipe is what makes it so durable and long-lasting. The heavier pieces of the material are less susceptible to breaking because they're made from an extremely strong type that can withstand more stress than normal thin strands or rods without sustaining any damage themselves!

Tongue Perc

A tongue percolator is a unique device that doubles as both an elegant, filtration system for your vaporizer or pipe and due to its slits and holes in the design can be used rigorously diffuse smoke.

Tree Perc

When it comes to tree percolators, the more arms there are on a smoking device and the slits that run through those branches will cause smoke diffusion. This means your hits will be even smoother with an open bottom for maximum filtration!

Turbine Perc

Turbine percolators are a type of diffusion system consisting of an angled solid disc placed inside the water chamber. The spinning effect creates both cool air and smooth smoke that is diffused while giving off its own unique visual effects.

UFO Perc

UFO percolators are a new type of glass smoking device that has been popping up all over the internet. They're called "UFOs" for their unique shape, which is similar to an Alien Spaceship! The bottom half houses your tobacco and paper while you suck on it like normal pipe or blunt wraps; however, there's also something special about these things - because they have slits around their circumference (as seen below) smoke will pass through those spaces before entering into diffusion material inside each piece so users get immense filtration without any loss in flavor whatsoever.

Unmarked Glass

This pipe features unmarked glass. Some people prefer a completely clean look that has no logos or decals, which allows them an uninhibited view of the function for their many great features on offer in this piece!

Vape Pen

The sleek and stylish vaporizer pen looks like a cigarette, but it's for concentrates. The slim portable device can be used with both dry herbs or e-liquid flavors to give you that satisfying feeling without any of the smoke!

Vapor Stone

Made with high-quality materials, this concentrate pipe is designed to perfection. It features an innovative vapor stone that will take the place of your standard so you can enjoy all its benefits without sacrificing any quality or flavor from combustion residues being released into smoke cloud formation!

Waffle Perc

A set of disc perc hits can be spectacular, but sometimes you just want a little more oomph to your smoke session. That’s where Waffle Percs come into play! The name is slightly misleading as they don't actually have any holes in them like those found on actual waffles; however it gives off that same crispy exterior with flavor hints from both the top and bottom half due to its design which has been compared by some users specifically for being similar yet unique than standard percolators thanks again also not having air bubbles gets around common issues associated when using traditional designs.

Whip Vaporizer

The tube of a whip vaporizer bends in such a way that hot air is pulled through the compartment, heating up dry herbs. Vapor distributes into an enclosed space where you can inhale it without burning your lips or throat since there's no combustion taking place inside this type device! Most whips are designed for use only with dry herb but some models allow them to work efficiently when used on concentrates/e-juice as well.

Wig Wag

The world's most fashionable water pipe! For those who want an accessory that is both functional and beautiful, the Wig Wag Glass Pipe features a detailed design with swirls of colorful glass.