Chameleon Glass Ashcatcher Pipe



The Ash Catcher Stand Up Glass Pipe is our smaller nod to a Chameleon Glass classic innovation created in 2002. It is so named because of the indented mouthpiece that serves as the dry filter ash catcher and the stand-up base shape. One of many Chameleon Glass innovations, first available in early 2002, the Ash Catcher was one of the first. By indenting the mouthpiece, anything heavier than air (ash, particulate or any solids) is pulled down by the natural effect of gravity, misses the mouthpiece hole and is deflected further downward to collect at the base of the indent, instead of being pulled into your mouth.

Ash Catcher design

Stand Up Design

Color Change

4.75 Inches height

2.25 Inches width

High-quality glass

Deep push bowl

Made in USA


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