Cali Crusher Homegrown – 4 PC



Cali Crusher was established in 2010.  An American company based in San Diego, California.

Diameter is 2.22 inches

Height is 2.03 inches

Original 4-Way Quick Lock technology: a quarter turn to open and close

Removable screen for upgrades, repairs and cleaning

Rounded catch chamber delivers seamless pollen collection

Grooved edges for easy grip

Ultrasonically cleansed aerospace medical grade aluminum

Powerful magnets produce superior closure: grab the grinder by the lid

Patented radial blades for maximum shred: cuts one way, fluffs the other

New blade layout allows for a larger loading capacity

Teeth covered under a lifetime warranty

Includes a guitar pick scraper

Made in San Diego, CA, USA 

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Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Aqua


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